Is there an equivalent of MS Word's SHIFT-F5 (jump to last editing point)?

In MS Word, one of the commands I use a lot is Shift-F5. That brings you back to the last point where the cursor was. So if you are at point A in the document, and you move the cursor to point B, you can hit Shift-F5 and it will take you back to Point A.

Is there a way to do this in Scrivener? If not, is there something similar that can avoid having to manually go back to where you were last editing?

Shift-F5 in Word: … 1442039234 … t-shift-f5

That’s something we’ve looked at in the past, but unfortunately there is no framework for making such a thing happen in the main editor.

I have set of macros I use for this, which basically emulates how plain-text coding editors solve the problem: with bookmarks that store the cursor location (or the line location at least).

The macro accomplishes this task using inline annotations with a unique pattern of text. If I press Cmd-F2 then the macro inserts an inline annotation and types in " MARK// ". Now I can scroll wherever I want, come back to it a year later if I please. Later the same command will automatically strip the annotation. I use the F2 key to jump between markers in the text without deleting them.

And of course since they are all in annotations, I don’t have to worry too much if I accidentally leave a few old ones laying around. Unless I’m doing something with my notes, they won’t compile.

That’s how I handle this kind of problem anyway.