Is there an UNDO Command or an BACKUP on the IPAD IOS Version

Hello Scriveners,

I need your help… I use the IPAD VERSION only and I did’t connected Scrivener to Dropbox.

I made a mistake.

I did SELECT ALL in a project on the text and then I did PASTE instead of COPY - now the whole chapter is gone… :frowning: - I could’nt find an UNDO command - is there an UNDO command? Are the backups in the app?

Could this be a solution?
I have an older ICLOUD Backup for the iPad, can I delete the whole Scrivener APP, load it again and get all files back?

Thank you very much! Lene

There is a Undo command. Undo and Redo are the little arrows to the left under the text. I redid what you describe, and pressed the left arrow, and it worked.

That is, it works as long as you haven’t closed the document in between.

Hi Matsgz,

thank you very much, gosh I didn’t see it - this will change everything - in the future :laughing:

Undo and Redo also have standard shortcuts available for external keyboard use: Cmd-Z and Shift-Cmd-Z.

Going forward, you can create backups, but it’s up to you to make them. From the project list, tap the Edit button, select the project you wish to back up, and then tap the Share icon in the footer bar. The project will be compressed into a single zip file which you can send to yourself using the standard share menu. That is of course a way to send a copy to a colleague as well, if need be.

Thanks a lot for your support! :bulb: