Is there an undo typing feature on IOS?

I just nearly lost a whole lot of typing.


If it’s keyboard-dependent, can you do it with a third-party keyboard, or only the screen keyboard?

Thanks again.


You can always shake your iPad a little to undo typing, (providing you have that option activated under Settings app> Accessibility> Shake to Undo).

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There is an UNDO typing button on the standard keyboard on iOS. How much that will help you just depends on what you’ve been doing (esp in a complex app like Scriv).


Could adding an undo option in Scrivener for iOS be a new feature?

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Hi Repelstale,

iOS Scriv already has undo.

If you’re on a small screen device like my iPhone 7, the undo arrow pops up automatically in upper left corner when editing a doc.

If on larger screen, like my iPad Air 2, when editing a doc the undo arrow is located on one of the rows at the screen bottom. Which one I don’t recall, but it’s either the Keyboard Row or the Shortcuts Row. You need to enable the row from Settings > General > Keyboard.


I confirmed on my iPad, the undo arrow is on the Shortcuts row.

Got it!
Thanks, Jim!

I’ve been looking for an undo in the shortcuts row on the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, but I cannot for the life of me find it. Under the shortcut lists (to switch out a button), I don’t see it listed either. So there’s no assigning it.

Where is it?


Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

This bears repeating: there is already an undo button on your iOS keyboard. The undo key appears to the right of the space bar once you press the ‘.?123’-button. It is labeled ‘undo’.

So, you do not actually need to add an undo button to your shortcuts bar. The built-in one is no farther away than the hyphen or the apostrophe key.*


  • Speaking of which, apostrophe and double-quote mark are surely higher priority candidates for your shortcut bar!

In addition, there is a “shortcuts” bar that you can turn on in the iPadOS keyboard preferences. This is where iPad iOS Scrivener sticks the Undo button that Scriv provides. This is another extra keyboard row besides the Scrivener extra keyboard row. To turn it on, open the Settings app, tap “General”, tap “Keyboard”, then tap the “Shortcuts” toggle. In addition to undo/redo, this bar provides paste, comment/footnote, insert, and “hide/show the Scriv extra keyboard row” buttons.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the answers! I was hoping “undo” could be a button on the interface and not on the keyboard itself.

If I’m using a bluetooth keyboard (which I usually do) the “apple” keyboard" doesn’t come up. But I’ll often put the bluetooth keyboard aside and will navigate through a document to correct a few things by hand (or with the apple pencil) and so don’t have access to an “undo” unless I physically go back to my bluetooth keyboard.

Maybe I should put that in as a request.

Anyway, thanks!

@mahlon, maybe I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. If you have the Shortcuts bar turned on, it will appear on the screen when you’re editing even when your BT keyboard is connected—at least, it does for my iPad 6 (see screenshot below.) If you’re making corrections “by hand” in Scrivener, I don’t understand how the Shortcuts bar could not be visible. Have you tried turning on the shorcuts bar and found that the shortcuts bar isn’t available while you’re editing? If so, please post the details.

Second request for you to post a screenshot. Please make it easier for the people who are trying to help you.


Besides, if your BT keyboard is connected, why not just use command-z, the standard Apple keyboard shortcut for Undo?

It seems the OP is not going for cmd-z b/c they are off-keyboard and on-screen at the moments in question.

I wonder what correcting things “by hand” comes to without any interaction with the keyboard. Maybe picking suggested typo corrections? So, the Undoing in question would be undoing moves like that, I guess.

Shortcuts bar sure seems like the right answer!


Thanks, gr, for reminding me of Mahlon’s origin focus. Oops. :blush: Sorry, Mahlon.