Is there any auto-replace in Scrivener?

I wonder if there is anything like Word’s auto-replace function in spelling for Scrivener?

I realise if there isn’t it may be due to OS X textedit reader, so this is not a feature request.

But if it exists and I just am looking in the wrong places, I’d like to know where it is!

For example, I want to type [c and have it replaced with [Correspondent] (user defined in a panel somewhere).

Is this feature there somewhere?


No, I’m afraid there is no auto-correct feature at this time. However, there are third-party applications that can be used with Scrivener for this. For instance, TextExpander does this and I hear good things about it. There are other programs, too.

Thanks and all the best,

Good I asked about this, as I didn’t know about 3rd party apps. TextExpander looks good, but I decided to try out Typinator first.

Reading a couple of reviews makes it look like Typinator is friendlier to other languages besides English.



Besides TextExpander and Typinator there’s also TypeIt4Me.

I use the last and I like it. However, the main reason why I bought it was because it was on promotion.

I think they all do pretty much the same and I would advise you to try them all before deciding.