Is there any keyboard shortcut that prevents clicking in the binder affecting the editor? (Plus another question).

[Using v3].

Or splits if you’re working with them.

In my current project, I quite often want to open a doc as a Quick Reference, but I don’t want it to load it into the split when I right click in the binder. Effectively, I’m looking for a way to temporarily set it to Binder Selection Affects > None without having to choose that in the menu.

Sorry if it’s there in the manual and I haven’t found it.

The other question is that I’m sure I did something once that dragged one document from the binder into an editor with a document already loaded and it appended the text of the dragged document. Am I imagining it? I can’t seem to do it again. EDIT: Think I’ve found this one – start to drag on the doc, press Opt-Cmd and then let go of the trackpad button [or I assume mouse button as well if you’re using one]. That will append the text rather than dragging a link in.

Thanks in advance.

Yes. Using Apple > System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, you can assign a shortcut to that menu item in Scrivener just as you please.


p.s. You can also lock the editor, but if you have a split editor going, that wouldn’t be too handy a way.

Yup – that’s a fallback option – was more wondering if there was a way to do it with some sort of opt/cmd/ctr/shift combo that would be a transitory override rather than a turn-on-then-turn-off manoeuvre.

Might suggest it for the wish list.

You want a ready way to get a Binder item to open as Quick Reference without the Editor being effected.

Here is a recent forum discussion that revolved around the same point. (Note the OP wished the above too, but cast their wish in terms of their own imagined implementation.)



P.S. As for implementation, I think a simple and sensible wish might be to be able to control click on a binder item and pick Open as Quick Reference and have this not effect the editor.

Thanks for the info! Food for thought!