Is there any way to change default Plain Text font and size?

I would like to change the default view of plain text files stored in Scrivener to a larger font; is this possible? I understand how to change the RichText defaults in Scrivener, but can’t for the life of me find a setting for the plain text views of external files. Changing defaults in TextEdit doesn’t seem to help either.

For context, I’ve been trying to integrate Scrivener and TaskPaper for some of my notes. Taskpaper uses a plain text file format that I can store and view in Scrivener (to be clear, I’m not importing it as plain text and editing in Scrivener - that would be useful, but I would lose the ability to open the file directly into Taskpaper, which is the point of the exercise. A feature that would allow us to both edit text files internally and open them externally in other apps would be ideal, but I realise that’s not going to happen)



After looking around, I’m starting to think that the only way I’ll be able to do this is by changing or editing a quicklook generator. Does anyone know if this is possible, or if there are good alternate qlgenerators for text?

By definition, “plain” text has no font or font size associated with it. As soon as you apply a font specification, it becomes “rich” text.

In Scrivener, you can change the Zoom setting to make something appear larger or smaller. Use the View -> Zoom -> Zoom In/Out command.


I don’t think to OP was talking about how to modify the text, but rather how to configure Scrivener to display it differently. After all, plain text has to be rendered somehow – some bit of code makes the choice.

Regardless of format, though, there are very few ways to change the presentation of an external file. This is akin to asking how to change the font used on an imported web page, but without editing the web page itself. The “bit of code” that defines how the file is displayed lies outside of Scrivener’s control.


Devinganger is right, I do understand how plain text works.
I was merely trying to find out if there was a preference that allows one to set how it is displayed. Lots of programs do this: TextEdit is the obvious example, but DevonThink, BBEdit, Tinderbox etc. do so as well. If the “bit of code…lies out of Scrivener’s control”, it’s by choice, not necessity.
As added in my OP, I figured out that Scrivener uses quicklook to display separate stored text files, much as it does PDFs. There’s no pref and Zoom doesn’t apply.
Faute de mieux, I was hoping someone might have found or created a QuicklookGenerator that does a better, more flexible job of displaying (for instance) TaskPaper files. I suspect the answer is no.
Thanks anyways for the replies.