Is there any way to change the color of connections?

Title says it all. Is there any way to change the color of connections?

I’m not aware of any way to do this!

Though you can label them, if that is any help.

How do you label connections? That is what I was goinmg to suggest as a feature request.

You can do this from the menu command Notes > Connection Label. You select the two nodes whose connection you wish to label and then invoke this command.

@mpw1950: Just noticed you are on WinOS and the Scapple manual for your platform does not mention this same ability to label connections, so maybe you do not have the option over there? Since L&L are all in favor of feature parity, I can only imagine your wish is in the works. (Though by all means, put it on the wish list if you wish.)


Thanks, Indeed it is not a facility of the Windows version. I will add it as feature request, when I workll out where and how :grinning:


Can use border color as option to visually group or fill color of a note or background shape

This would be a typical use-case for coloured lines/arrows (curved lines too for that matter), where the arrows are key to common activities.
(The diagram is not mine, but something I pulled off a classic movie forum.)