Is there any way to fix the spell checker?

Running Scrivener for Linux on 64-bit Kubuntu (Maverick). And it works, but…

… because it’s a 64-bit system, I had to do the trick where I installed the 32-bit aspell libraries and linked them to the libraries folder for the scrivener install. Unfortunately, this is not a complete fix:

Scrivener underlines words that are spelled correctly. When you right-click on those words, you get the exact spelling of that word as an option. But if you select that word, the marked word is still underlined. You have to actually add the word to the library in order for the word to go away… which can be very time-consuming… it underlines a lot of correctly spelled words!

I don’t know why it does this, and it only occurs in the linux version (when I run the windows version under wine the problem doesn’t occur).

What I’m not sure of is if it’s a problem because of the linked aspell library fix, or if it occurs on 32-bit systems as well. I can’t test that because I’m not running a 32-bit version of linux.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and fixed it? Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

At the moment I find running Scrivener in wine is a lot more usable than the native version because I don’t have to deal with this spellcheck issue, but I’d rather run it native if I could…

Yes, I’ve got this problem and it’s been around for a long time. I think it might be on the bug list or at least the developers are aware of it.

This appears to be a linux-specific bug, so I’m not sure if it’ll be fixed. My understanding was that the Linux port was a “use at your own risk” kind of deal that wouldn’t be formally supported. Is that no longer the case?

Yeah, right, it’s only a problem in the Linux version. You’re probably right about the status of the Linux releases, too. I’m not sure of future plans. Maybe people with the know-how will take up the cause later.

As well as the spell-check, I hope PDF viewing will be fixed in the future. Also, another problem that just emerged for me in 1.7 was that when I start a new project, the location window pops-up with all folders and files are in one horizontal line! In 1.6 and before they were rightly in columns.

The spell check didn’t work for me either so I reinstalled using the deb package supplied by randywallace and now it works. Don’t know how he manages to get it going when he produces the packages.