Is there any way to format the contents page when compiling?

I’m messing around with compiling an ebook in the kindle format and I was wondering if there’s any way to format the Contents page? I’d like to space out the links to the different pages and chapters. I feel like the words and links are too jumbled together the way they are. Also, I’d like to reformat the “Contents” title to match better with the rest of my ebook. Are these two adjustments possible? And if so, how do I go about completing them?


At the moment, no; the TOC is generated automatically and is just the NCX file, so what gets included there is based entirely on where the section breaks are between documents and the generated page isn’t editable in Scrivener. Ultimately we’ll be adding a way to create a custom TOC instead to override this, which you’d then make and format in Scrivener like any other document and set the compiler to use when generating the ebook.

That’s what I figured. I guess “ultimately” means it won’t be a new feature added any time soon :smiley: ?

I appreciate the rapid reply.

It means I honestly don’t know, as I do not have a feature schedule. :wink: E-book compile is high on the list–in fact it was a 2.0 feature on the Mac that got pulled into the Windows version early–but the HTML/XHTML compile which is the basis of ebook generation needs some refining, so there’s also the necessary order of attack to consider. It will get here as soon as Lee’s able to dedicate the time to coding it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for another fast reply and for the details.