Is there any way to sort the binder by modification date

i have a recovered file that I need to resite in the binder at the recent moment of its recovery. How do I do that?

You couldn’t easily sort the binder that way, but I suspect you’d rather just see the contents of the binder temporarily sorted, rather than for all time? If so, then just run a project search for *, and at the top of the search result list, click the “Binder Order” dropdown and change it to “Sort by Date”, and tick the option at the bottom to show newest first.

Another approach is to instead click the little hook arrow button in that same header area, which will load the search results into your main editor. After switching to View ▸ Outline mode, you can then add the Modification Date column and click on it in the outliner headers to sort the search results there, leaving you free to switch back to the binder view, for easier management.

It may help to lock the editor so that clicks in the binder don’t dismiss your sorted result list, by right-clicking in the editor header bar and selecting “Lock in Place”.