Is there any way to use different levels of headings?

I’m a freelance writer and use Scrivener to write almost all what I need, but often I face the following situation: At the end I need to send to a customer a .doc file with headings and sub-headings (sometimes three and more levels), formatted using Word/LibreOffice styles. What I do now: I copy a text from Scrivener into Word, and then do all formatting I need, but it takes much time. It is also a bit difficult to write, when I don’t see a structure of the text, and need to remember, what level I’m writing now.
Dividing a text into several smaller texts, and then compile them as sub-chapters isn’t a solution: I keep many small texts in one project, and I need to give headers to small parts of them, (sometimes less than 1000 characters), so I prefer to work with entire text at one sheet.

Is there any way to format multilevel headings in text in Scrivener? Maybe MultiMarkDown can be used for that, but now I don’t have clear understanding of how it works.