Is there documentation on the differences between the Scrivener 3 Windows and Mac versions?

While working through the manual, trying stuff in Scrivener and interacting with forum members, I get the impression that there are differences between the Windows and Mac versions (direct PDF compile with a TOC, as an example). I see there was previously a list ([url]]), and I’m thinking it could be very helpful for writers to know what the differences are, as they may need to choose between the Mac and Windows operating systems and hardware.

More examples: earlier, I was looking for a way to handle hierarchical numbering, to find that either there is a bug in the Windows version or it just doesn’t handle hierarchical numbering the same way ([url]]). Pandoc compile processing seems to be another area that isn’t enabled in the Windows version (

We’re working on it…

There are lots of small differences, mostly attributable to the difference between the two platforms. There aren’t very many big differences; I think they mostly relate to things that were added to Mac Scrivener after the initial 3.0 release.


I second having this documentation whether fully fleshed out or informal and incomplete :slight_smile:

I have Scrivener on all 3 platforms (Mac, Windows, iO S) though I mostly use it on the Mac and iOS. I only bought the Windows/Mac bundle back in 2017 when my computer at work became a PC. I don’t use Scrivener for work but thought if I have moments I want to work on my writing while at work, I could just fire it up from the work laptop. Well, the pandemic struck about 1.5 years later and I’ve barely used the Windows version since I’m only on Mac at home. Anyway, would be good to know the major workflow differences between Mac and Windows version, just in case I ever return to the office (I hope so!). Anyway, I did upgrade my Scrivener 1 for Windows to 3 even though I don’t need it right now. This is a good program to support :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “major workflow” differences?

There are differences in Markdown and other Compile post-processing workflows, but Scrivener itself should be effectively identical between the two platforms.


Perhaps “workflow” differences might be too broad a term. I really meant in terms of its UI and how things are organized.

To be honest, in all these years of dabbling with Scrivener (which is at a very basic level), I’m still using it to jot down ideas, connect notes and thoughts, and mind sketch. I haven’t really had to use its more powerful functions such as compiling and what not.

Any updates on this? Or a guess at when this documentation will be complete?

I believe AmberV took down the sticky post circa 2011 on the differences between Scrivener for Mac and Windows, just as the new forum was going live, but it doesn’t seem a new one is available. I too would find such a comparison interesting.

I note that new forum no longer displays by default info the platform being used by the posters, nor post count, etc, all info that can be useful.