Is there Folders For Project References?

I have tons of External Project references, and i’d like to sort them in into folders within the reference pane. Can this be done?
Im not wanting to add them to the binder as that would copy and import them.


There isn’t a way to do that. However you could use the binder to organise references. You’d lost the project reference advantage in that they are visible everywhere, but if you built an outline somewhere obvious, in the binder and used it solely to organise document reference lists, that would work pretty well.

so i can add them to a binder folder and still keep them as external references?
im not exactally sure what you mean by visible everywhere?


Well, Project References are available in the inspector no matter what you are looking at. They are a universal resource. Document References are only available when you are looking at that document. So if you attached groups of logically connected references together by document, and then organised those documents in the binder, you would only be able to see the references when clicking on those items in the binder. You couldn’t look them up while editing another document (not that flipping between documents is difficult, but it’s just something to be aware of).

The bigger problem is that it sounds more like you already have these things assembled. There isn’t a way to move references from one pane to another, so you’d have to recreate them all over again if you decided to adapt this method.

Yes i have the inspector open all the time.
I guess id prefer to keep these as project references then, as is the reason i was hoping there maybe Project reference folders. Maybe a feature request i could make?

regarding the document references someone did tell me that i could move the project references to Doc ref’s using the quickreference panel which did work pretty well for sorting into documents.


Ah right, I forgot about that trick. That does work. And of course, QuickReference panels would be one way to solve the problem of visibility. You could be working on one section of the manuscript, and use the View/QuickReference/My Reference Lists/Topic D menu command (as an example) to pull up the sorting document that contains the references.

Folders might possibly make this feature too complicated. I’m not sure about that idea. You are right though in that there is a definite practical limitation to how many project references you can have at once. I’ll move this thread over to the wish list forum for Keith to see, though.

i hadn’t thought of attaching the references to a Sort document, more or less like a folder. i could make as many as i need and keep those docs in a binder folder. good idea.

i will follow the thread regarding folders in the project references though, as that would in my mind be the best way. for example i have audio, pics and pdf references, would love to have them in folders in the project window.