Is there Multi item search capability in windows All List section

in windows project search can you choose two categories at once like synopsis and notes to search in together as can in Mac Version

In many cases, if you used the “Option” key to do something on the Mac, you can use the “Alt” key in the Windows version to do the same thing. If it doesn’t work, then it either isn’t feasible or they haven’t implemented it yet.

neither the alt or ctrl key could accomplish, I guess we will have to wait… thanks

In this case it should be working—do make sure you are holding down the Alt key before you click though, as doing so after the menu is open will just close it. You do sometimes have to experiment with holding it down before clicking, or after, depending on the action.

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Hey, that works!
Didn’t know I could do that, thanks for the tip. :beer:


I will try again. Thank you. Don’t they give you days off?

I tried and had a hard time too.
Pressing the alt key makes the menu disappear.
I managed to make it work by holding the alt key before clicking on the magnifier icon, but I can only add one option per pass. Also, I can’t remove those options afterwards other than by clicking on one without holding the alt key. (Which then clears all options other than the one I just clicked.)

I will try that technique Vince_Vince

I was able to choose multiple options in the Search In section of Project search, by starting search, then holding alt key and click magnifying glass and choose one option in Search In section. After done, the menu closes, but you can do again and again to choose multiple items.

Yes, this is all how it is documented §11.1.2, Search Settings:

…You can select multiple elements by holding down the Alt key prior to clicking on the magnifying glass and clicking on a type, then letting go of the key. Alt clicking can also be used to toggle a field off without disturbing the overall multiple selection. To return to using a single element, either select “All”, or select any element without using the Alt key.

That part doesn’t work.

Thanks, I’ll get the problem filed.

After reflection, I think it be better if the manual mentioned the fact that the operation needs to be done once for each type that the user wishes to expand the search to.
As it is now (although not really a big deal), it leads to think that many types/fields can be added to the search in a single pass.

(Note that not knowing it could be done at all 2 days ago, I am happy with the discovery :slight_smile: )

I suspect this is a bug as well – I can’t imagine that’s the intended design.

That’s not a bug, and it is documented as working that way in the paragraph above what I quoted. It is stated as the options being provided in a menu interface, and that is how menus works.

Now on whether or not that is the best interface for this particular tool, I would say decidedly not, obviously. Most modern search tools with this amount of capability use a window or inset area where you can build a query interactively and in a self-documenting manner.

Regardless of the intention here, I disagree as to the effect.

  1. I have never seen this behavior before in any other software, even in a menu interface. If the user clicks on a widget and am offered a list of checkboxes and can use modifier keys to multi-select those options, then the user (rightfully) expects to be able to perform that multi-selection without having to re-click the widget between each selection.

  2. Because this behavior is so fundamentally different from normal application/widget behavior, the existing documentation does not make this behavior adequately clear. It is entirely reasonable for a user to read that paragraph and be led to conclude that you click the widget, you hold down the Alt key, and you make your multi-selection, then let the Alt key go to apply the multi-selection.

The UI element chosen is fine, if it is implemented in a standard way that does not break the principle of least astonishment.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Every menu I have ever used dismisses itself when you click on an element within it. Perhaps there have been exceptions through history, where one uses File ▸ Save and then has to manually click outside of the menu to close it, but that is decidedly not normal and would frustrate most people. Or maybe a better example would be View ▸ Corkboard Options ▸ Show Label Colors Along Edges, which acts a lot more like these settings: checking off options rather than firing off commands or opening dialogues.

At any rate, this has confused seemingly nobody since 2010, when the behaviour was introduced. I’m not sure it’s worth going through the whole manual looking for references to menu interfaces that aren’t “main menus”, and adding a paragraph explaining how a menu works, to each. These things are all over the place.