Is there something like Google Docs available?

One thing I like about Google Docs is the way it lets me add to my writing projects from any device. I can type a bunch on my computer, leave it, go to town, have a thought I want to add to the project, log on from my phone, and boom, it’s done.

Does Scrivener have something like this that can be used with an Android phone and also sync to the computer?

Yes, there is a way of setting up a system whereby you can jot down notes and have your project sync those notes into its binder when you get back home. It works both for creating new notes and even editing binder content on the go, as well. You can read more about what it is capable of and how to set it up in the user manual PDF, under §13.1, Synchronised Folders.

You bring your own text editor (rich text supported as well as plain old text) and network synchronisation tool (if any, the method works with any technology really, so long as modification dates on the files are preserved).

Thank you, Amberv. I’ve located the PDF here in Literature and Latte and have now downloaded it. Will check out the section you specified.

Great, for future reference you can also just hit F1. We ship a copy in the software. :slight_smile: