Is there still a Bookmark icon for the toolbar?

In the user manual that comes with v2.7.1, there’s a reference on page 234 to a bookmark icon that can be added to the toolbar: “Once bookmarks have been created, they can be viewed in the header bar icon menu, under Bookmarks, or View -Text Bookmarks menu.

While I can add bookmarks via the keyboard or the drop-down Edit-Insert menu, and see them via the View-Text Bookmarks menu, I can’t find a bookmark icon in the available icons under View-Customise Toolbar. I know it sounds daft, but I’ve looked for the icon on two different machines*, and even asked someone else to check in case it’s there but I don’t recognise it, but it’s just missing. (Although the Footnote icon appears twice in the icon menu list.) I thought it might be Annotations, but it isn’t.

(*Both running OSX 10.11.1)

It sounds like you are referring to the application toolbar, along the top of the window with the large buttons? The header bar icon menu is a specific thing, not that, it is a menu that is accessed by clicking on the icon in the editor header bar, beside the name of the document with the text bookmarks: