Is this a Bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, I have edited two books so far with this program all the way to print and love it. However, I have been working on the third when I ran into a problem that I have no idea how to fix. After page 200 it “skips” a page or two, giving me a blank page for no reason in the PDF. And when it does it often deletes part of the story. Not really sure how to proceed from here.


Is this “skipped” page missing from the output document?

If so, the first thing to check is to make sure that the missing material is included in the File -> Compile -> Contents pane. If that doesn’t help, you might want to send an email to our support address, which is a little more conducive to back-and-forth troubleshooting than the forum.


Yep, it is included

What happens if you compile to another format, such as RTF or Word?

Does the missing page have anything unusual on it? Images? Tables? Anything else?


Tried your suggestion, RTF did not make things better. Compiled to Word and I got more than twice as much blank. This is a picture of the Word compile that my Mac converted back to pages (I don’t have word on my older computer) I will correct the page count later. As you can see, after page 200 I start getting these blank pages, and when I check the manuscript I find that what was supposed to be printed here is gone as well. pages

Have you checked that Text is ticked for all the different levels? Maybe the missing parts are on another level than the parts that are compiling correctly?

I may have found something. I recompiled in a larger format than 8.5x5.5 to a standard sheet of paper. So…in the same area that I start missing pages I find this…I went back to those areas and have not found (as of yet) any difference, but obviously, there is.

Are you setting the format in the Format pane in Compile or have you ticked ‘As is’ in the Contents pane?

“As is” is not ticked

And page size is set in the Pdf pane (I think that’s where you specify page size, overriding the page setup in the ordinary File menu) and not using the ruler in the formatting pane?

Problem solved, I reported the “bug” to the support staff. Kathrine had me activate the Invisibles under Format->Options->. And I found that everything was inside “weird boxes.” So I deleted all that and reloaded and the problem is fixed now. :smiley:

Those boxes were probably tables. It’s not unusual for text imported from other formats to use tables (or structures that become tables after the format conversion) for layout, and you can see all sorts of strange behavior as a result.

To see them, use the Format -> Options -> Show Invisibles command. (Which will also reveal page breaks, paragraph breaks, and so on.)

To get rid of them, select the affected text and use the Format -> Table -> Remove Table command.