Is this a bug? Targets for project not opening from target button with folder selected

First time posting here. I tried to search to see if this was mentioned already and couldn’t find anything.

Clicking the target button (see photo) with a folder selected doesn’t open the target menu. I can still access it by going to projects though. The target button works when a text page is selected though.

Are you looking at that folder in “Single Document” node?



The button at the bottom of the editor is for document targets and will not open when multiple documents are loaded in Scrivenings mode. To access the document targets for the folder itself, load the folder in single document mode (click on the documents icon to the left of the corkboard icon in the toolbar). Document Targets will then become available.

Thanks, that did work. It just conceptually doesn’t make sense to me that displaying all the writing in the folder would mean that I couldn’t set a document target for the folder, but when displaying only the empty folder, I could. Anyway, thanks for your help.