Is this a cross platform problem?

I’ve got scrivener on both my mac and pc, and it mostly works really well. I collaborate with my spouse, using dropbox to access files between computers. I’ve recently been stymied by an issue on just ONE of my projects. Whenever I try to open it on the pc, I get an error message that says that it was created with a program that is more up to date than the current one–but both scivener programs are up to date, and it will open files i haven’t touched in years, but not the novel my spouse is working on right now. That was created on the PC. It’ll open on the mac fine.

Please help, this is a really big pain, and I don’t want to give up my computer when she needs to write–i’ve got my own stuff to write!

Sounds like you’ve run into this problem. Hopefully that thread will at least help you know what’s going on.