Is this a good place to discuss epublishing options?

Meaning, there appear to be scores of people making money off giving advice as to how to get your e-book on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc etc and almost as many doing so saying, “Just use Smashwords,” but the Lit/Latte user forum seems a logical place for this conversation and question:

  • While we know that Amazon/Kindle plays nice with .mobi files compiled by Scrivener (at least it did for me with my text-only short story collection), but what format have people used when it comes to the rest of the e-book world? .epub? .rtf? .docx?
    (If this not the proper venue for such a conversation, perhaps a moderator could move this thread to the appropriate place. Thanks!)

I’m not sure there’s a single answer to your question. Some publishers want ePub files. Some want PDF files. Some have you run DOCX files through their proprietary converters. This is one of the reasons why Scrivener’s Compile function works the way it does: so you can create as many different versions as you need relatively simply.


Thanks, Katherine! I had good luck creating a PDF for Createspace (had more challenges with the cover, but figured it out with CS’s help) and also had good luck compiling a .mobi file for a short story collection. I am about to compile my novel for each ebook platform and I will report back on my experiences.