Is this forum supported?

I don’t want to sound harsh but there are dozens of posts that have waited a year plus without so much as a polite response.

I’d understand if this forum was not official…

Do you want questions about the product?

There are far too many threads and questions for us to officially support it like a direct channel, if that is what you mean. We try to get to things as we can, but if you need direct and timely support you’ll want to get in touch with us directly via email.

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As I said, too many for a couple of people to keep up with. :slight_smile:

Forum software actually multiplies your efforts by giving each response more eyes. You’ll have fewer emails with a healthy forum.

Oh yes, in theory I do agree and that’s why I love having a forum like this, and it also gives everyone a chance to pitch in and help—there have been many times where I’ve gone into a thread and saw there was already a healthy discussion going on and could pick something else to look at. But we do have an obligation to respond to emails in a timely fashion, and thus if it takes most of our time doing so, then the forum is second priority to that. I suppose the alternative would be shutting down direct contact and conducting all support in a public forum—but that would difficult considering many things are better done through a confidential channel, like sharing sample projects and sorting out billing woes. Plus there are many people that are not comfortable using a forum, so in one way or another we’d need direct communication, and we’re back to square one.

Seems to me like you’re undermanned; or should that be 'underpersoned? Maybe you need dedicated forum moderators?