Is this possible?

Let me first state that I am not at all familiar with the Mac version of the software. I’ve been using SFW since shortly before Nanowrimo, and I totally love it and am eager to buy my copy once it’s available. … that said.

I’m working on a series of books, and I’d like to be able to set it up so I have several ‘projects’ in one scrivener file. (yes, I realize that over time the set of files/folders for the project would become huge.)
I want to be able to have several books in the same file so that they can all share one copy of all my research and notes.

What I envision is several ‘binders’ so that when I tell one binder to compile, it only offers me the documents in that binder to compile. That way I can put each book in it’s own binder, and have several binders share the same set of research files.

Is this possible? If so, how do I go about setting it up?

This idea is certainly possible, though not implemented exactly the way you describe. If you search around on the forum a bit for “series” you should find a bunch of ideas for how people go about managing this kind of thing, and I recommend also this case study with Monica McCarty on Using Scrivener to Manage Serial Novels.

Though you can’t have different binders, you can use folders judiciously to organize your work and just move the proper book into and out of the Draft folder so that only the relevant documents will be offered in compile (note that “include in compile” is only meaningful for documents inside the Draft folder, so even with this checked, if the document isn’t in the Draft folder it won’t be counted). Collections can also help you get organized, and as the compile options get more powerful, you’ll be able to compile a collection or filter by a collection as well, though you’ll almost certainly want to organize your books first and foremost into separate folders in the binder so they can be collapsed and out of the way.

Thanks, I’ll check out the case study and work on re-organizing so I can use folders for individual books inside the series.