Is this the cure for writer`s Block?

This beautiful picture is just one of thousands to be found at NASA`s Picture For The Day Archive. 2007 August 07: Old Faithful Below a Yellowstone Sky

Paradoxically, the images on this site, mostly of interstellar space, always bring me down to Earth, and remind me of just how insignificant (in the great scheme of things), I really am, or indeed, we all are.

I bookmarked this site in Spring 1999, and Ive hit it everyday since. I now have two daily ports of call, The Universe and the antics of the crew of the Good Ship Scrivener, on the Scrivs Forums. There must be a connection somewhere?
Take care,

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Hi, Vik,

I have NASA’s pic-a-day on my iGoogle homepage, so I understand what you mean about being inspiring. The astronomical ones are usually breathtaking.


(Edited to remove the doofus comment that I’d made because I hadn’t caught the part after the link. :blush: )

Hi Stu,
Because youve edited your doofusesssssss, I dont know what a doofus is.

Have you clocked the one of the Yellowstone Park. When I first saw that picture, it just sucked me into it. Its a weird sensation, but some photos or paintings do that to me, Its really quite eerie, but not unpleasant.

Take care

In this instance, ‘doofus’ referred to what I was being by just glancing at the URL without seeing that you’d noted which specific image. I need more sleep. :confused:

I have one of NASA’s pics of a spectacular nebula on my iPhone (Carina Nebula from 25 April 2007) and I like to look at it sometimes, particularly when I’m stressed.

They are lovely images.

Thanks Vic! I have a collection of spectacular NASA pix for my desktop pix (selected at random). This page should offer some nice additions!!