Is this the only way to get support?

Having downloaded the windows version a while back now to check out, all I have run into are problems, I was shown the software on the Mac version and this seems to be totally different which is a shame because I do not have access to Mac’s.

I have installed the demo version but there seems to be a lot missing and also its incredibly buggy, I have asked for help here but it seems to be hit and miss as to if you get support. and the demo period is running out and I take it I will not be able to download another copy of the demo to try out, which may or may not have fixed the issues that I have, and if not allowed how do I check that this version would work!

Is there a way to contact support directly. I would really like to buy the software if I can get it working, which at the moment there just seems to be so much wrong with it.


Have you done the tutorial?
Have you searched the forum?
Have you tried to ask a specific question about what it is that you have problems doing?

Hi Axnfell,

You can contact support directly at the “Contact Us” page.


Most likely you have been presented with Scrivener for Mac v3, but downloaded Scrivener for Windows v1.9.X. Scrivener for Windows v3 is in beta testing and can be downloaded from the following URL:

Most likely Scrivener for Windows Beta 14 will be much closer to what you have seen under Mac.
Have in mind that Scrivener v1.9 will run for 30 non-consecutive days, so it should cover more than a month in a general use case. Scrivener for Windows Beta 14 is time limited, but we release updates before the previous beta expires.