Is too much trash or large project size a problem?

My project is getting quite large over years now–novel series.
Many files and folders have gone to the trash.
Is there a point of too much trash in the can becoming a problem with performance or worse? I could empty, but trashed files could be a source of reference (probably not, but…)
The project is now 115 MB. Is that a problem?
Thanks for the help, staff and other Scirvenerites.

  • David

There is a point where project size can become a problem. 115 MB is not that point.

I would say don’t worry about it unless you actually start seeing performance issues. The practical project size depends on your hardware, but we have quite a few people who are north of 1 GB.


Thanks for your very timely response.
Am i correct, the trashcan is just another folder and it is the same as creating a new folder and filling it with files?

More or less. The Trash folder does have some special properties – such as being empty-able – but it’s very much part of the project.

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that makes sense

A collaborator of mine was saving everything, and her 100,000-word manuscript also had another 700,000 words of older revisions in the research folder. Even on a brand-new Mac, that slows things a bit. Not a lot, but noticeably.

But that is not really the biggest problem. The biggest problem is searching. While Scrivener has brilliantly-diverse searching on steroids capabilities, if you have old versions of new docs, searching will likely list them as well, and sorting between what is new and what isn’t becomes difficult.

This is why I put a particular icon on everything that might be an older version of a newer doc inside my manuscript that might be an older version in the Research folder, bc the icon is then a dead giveaway that it’s not in the manuscript, in the search results.

I got her to duplicate the project, delete the old stuff, and only refer to the older copy when need be, and that cleaned things up for her significantly, and sped things back up.

But I have projects that are well over 240,000 words with another 65,000 sitting in the research folder, and on a newer Mac, they are still snappy and work fine.

You can also use the Trash as a repository, and delete just specific items from it rather than a full delete.