Is version 2.1 the latest?

It seems like it was just recently that I updated to 2.1. Today, when I tried to use the iOS app for the first time, I got a message that said my file from an older version of Scrivener, and that I had to update it in order to open it on my iPad.

I went to the Literature and Latte website, and I don’t see a newer version. Actually, I don’t see any place dedicated to downloading updates, but I do see a column that talks about the archived 1.54.

Which version do I need to for use with the iOS app, and how do I get it?

Wow. You’re very out of date. You need 2.8 to work with iOS scrivener. You can download it from the website:

You should also change your scrivener preferences to check for updates automatically.

Thank you! I could not find that link anywhere. I just updated, and everything looks fine on my desktop. However, I could not import the files from Dropbox to the iOS app. The syncing hung up at the end, and now I see this error message: "Could not complete Dropbox operation. Error 4. The file doesn’t exist. (The file doesn’t exist.)

To be clear, I did delete the older files from Scrivener iOS and Dropbox before putting the new files in Dropbox and trying to add them to the iOS app.

Do you know what might be going wrong, or should I ask in a different forum? I was updating two separate projects, so I don’t know which project is “missing files.”

Just to make sure I understand, did you update the projects to the new Scriv 2.7+ format before attempting to open them with iOS?

If not, please do. Version 2.7 introduced a new project format specifically for iOS compatibility, so your older projects are pretty much guaranteed not to work.

All you have to do is open the project in Scrivener 2.8, and it will update the format automatically.

If that doesn’t help, then yes, it becomes an iOS issue. I see that you’ve already posted a thread to that forum as well.


Yes, I did. After I updated to Scriv 2.8, I opened my projects with it. In my post on the iOS forum, I go into a lot more detail about what I did next. I hope someone can help me there!