Is vic-k a keyword-driven spambot?

I have noticed a very disturbing trend.

Any thread that includes the text string “vic-k” anywhere in the text body will immediately bring about a series of off-topic spam messages from a range of characters, including vic-k, Jaysen, Fluff, xiamese, pigfender, and many more…

Which leads to several questions:

  1. Why have the writers of this spambot targetted such a seemingly innocuous string of characters?

  2. Are there real people who just find their accounts hijacked when this string appears, or are there elaborately written spambots that appear to participate in normal conversation until the dog-whistle string causes them to descend on the thread like a pack of piranhas?

  3. Knowing the inevitable chaos that ensues, why would Keith be stupid enough to insert the offending string into an important post such as this one: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17290

Is Keith really part of the spambot scam too, and is Scrivener just a way to collect natural sounding phrases for use in emails about viagra?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


I am thinking of buying another hat.

Wossa spambot? :open_mouth: !!

Mere d’Lucifer!! tch!tch!tch!
La spambot ees…how you say…the well rounded derrière de la femme 8) :smiling_imp:

Le D :smiling_imp:


cousin…shouldn’t that be

I am firmly of the opinion, that the feckless moderators of these fora should get their act together and ensure that all posts in this thread, remain resolutely relevent, pertainant, and decidedly [size=150]on[/size]-topic. It shouldn’t tax their abilities unduly…there are enough of them now to run NORAD.

Can all crew members stay on the topic of, ‘OFF-TOPICKING’…please!

What’s your address? I’ll send it to you.

Have you considered that none of this is real. Not real as in “The Matrix” but not real as in “nothing exists”. In which case Mr K and lot are not even spam-bots. To further complicate things they are not even figments of your imagination nor are they part of skynet. This would imply that non one actually exists. Since there is nothing in existence then we must as the question “can there be a topic to be ‘on’ since no topic actually exists?”

This is the sound of one and clapping.



Hey everyone! Look at that shiny object!

Actually there was a super secret enclave offshoot of the illuminati. They were so devious and well versed in moving their plans forward to take over the world one toilet at a time that the illuminati grew to fear them.

They are…

[size=200]THE PROCRASTINATORS[/size]

Vic-k is a key agent in this dubious group. Armed with absinthe, a computer, a cat herding utensil, and a keg of beer, Vic-k infiltrates forums mis-spells things phonetically on accidental purpose to spread the manifest of P.

That is absolute and utter twaddle!!! Wot d’ y’ mean…‘devious’? :open_mouth: :imp: