Is 'Wrap' the icon for Page View?

I’m new to the Mac version of Scrivener and slowly working my way through the new (to me) features.

I just tried ‘Page View’, liked it and wanted to add an icon for it to the toolbar. After some searching through the ‘customize toolbar’ page I found the ‘Wrap’ icon. As far as I can tell, this turns the Page View on and off (as I want) but I’m puzzled why it’s called ‘Wrap’ (and ‘Wrap’ appears under it when I display the icons on the toolbar with text).

Have I got the wrong end of the stick or is the icon mis-named?


That’s the one you need. It’s called “Wrap” because it determines whether the text is “wrapped” to the page or to the editor (a familiar term on the Mac to users of TextEdit, where the page view is called “Wrap to Page” or “Wrap to Window”). Not an ideal name, but “Page” doesn’t work, either, seeing as it is a toggle, and the label shouldn’t change during a toggle.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Ok, thanks for the explanation (and bonus TextEdit tip).

Could I suggest maybe adding a note in the Page View section of the manual mentioning the associated toolbar icon is called ‘Wrap’ rather than ‘Page View’? It might save a few people needing to hunt around or thinking the icon doesn’t exist.