iSight snapshot

I originally posted this as a joke in the latte-section, but now that I think of it it would actually be quite fancy:

iSight snapshot:

I use Scrivener for writing theatre plays. During rehearsals, I take a lot of photographs: the director scribbles some ideas on a piece of paper, a stage prop changes, which has to be reflected in the text, an actor has a crazy idea, a costume changes, etc.

I import these photographs and put them into Scrivener’s research folder. Now, it would be very practical if I could take these pictures from within Scrivener: A neat icon or a clever shortcut activates iSight and a Snapshot is taken, that’s automatically placed into the research folder.

I like it! Would be great for film sets, too, for the same reasons. For my recent short film, I brought in my laptop rather than a lot of paper. In Scrivener, I checked the storyboards and scenes, I explained them to the actors, and I labelled them “done” when done… Very practical. Taking photos without further importing hazzle would be great…

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… and here it is in Scrivener 2.2.:

Media Files
Added “New Picture From Camera…” and “New Audio Note…” to project menu, under a “New Media File” submenu. These features allow you to take a picture from an iSight camera or record basic audio and have it imported directly into Scrivener. (Leopard and above only.)

That’s great, thanks a lot! Scrivener just keeps getting better and better.

Unfortunately, »new picture from camera« is greyed out in my setup, although the iSight itselfs works fine in PhotoBooth etc. Anyone else experiencing this problem?



P.S. latest Snow Leopard installation on MacBook Pro 13"

You probably have something in the Draft folder selected - remember that you can’t add images to the Draft folder. Select the Research folder or somewhere else instead and you should be good.

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Totally right – works like a charm, when research folder is selected. Thanks again!