Isn't it awful when proles try their hand at high art?

Isn’t it terrible when proles dabble in art? Art of all forms, as we know, should be born into the world fully formed as artefacts of culture, the sole province of artists of tortured genius working in squalor for many years (though preferably with educations from Oxford or Cambridge, or the equivalents thereof - culture, like society, needs standards, after all). How dare the riffraff, with tawdry job titles such as “IT manager”, attempt to “create”, and what’s more, do so (it makes me near apoplectic to utter it!) without any comprehension of the holy rituals they are violating? What a symptom of an unskilled, atomised society it is that the uncouth and uncultured, who in earlier times would have known their place (down the mines, not speaking unless spoken to, hidden away in the servants’ quarters) and never dared to sully the Arts with their inferior wits, now wile away hours on execrable water colours, pottery, and even - ye Gods! - attempting to write novels. Novels! That last bastion of our culture, holiest of holies. Did they not heed Milan Kundera’s lament about graphomania? (The millions of words of Kundera, as an exiled intellectual, do not count as solipsistic graphomania, of course - but when a taxi driver has the temerity to express a desire to write, what savagery!) Not only that, but these plebs go at the writing business as though it is a hobby, or something to be worked at! In their spare time, no less! As though they could improve through practice!

The sky is falling, fellow squirrels!

Oh wait, sorry. I’ve been reading the Guardian again. I should know better: … ks-writing

Serves you right, young Master Kevin. Evidence abounds aboard this floating Hellhole, that you and your cohorts have creat… :blush: sorry where was I?…oh yes… evidence abounds aboard Scrivener, as to the damage that reading the Guardian can do to the human brain. For the extreme example, look no further than His Obnoxiousness, my human. The damage is irreparable.
For good, sound, solid, responsible journalism, thoroughly researched, and executed without negligence or omissions, I can recommend The Daily Mail. (that’s MAIL, not MALE).

Art? ART? I thought all you needed was a few billion, a buxom wife and an unmade bed. Obviously missed something somewhere…

And yet you have to allow the snide line about ‘noveling’ is well deserved.

I don’t - it contains the phrase “cultural artefact”, makes a sweeping generalisation and pours scorn on all participants for treating the lofty art of writing as “work” (as though Dickens did not). Nothing in that snooty article is earned. I’d agree that “noveling” is a silly coinage, but I don’t think we can blame every NaNo participant for it, nor draw any conclusions from it about them all.

Writing is archaic and a dead art (like speaking latin to cats on treadmills.)

The future of all communications will be ICONS - Grunting - Flatulent Talent Squeaking - and of course grunting and pointing.

Writing? Pfffftttt. They are even entertaining the idea in America to STOP teaching cursive writing. After all voting only takes pushing a icon pasted button or filling in a circle now a days…

I guess the next thing will be claims that things like reading and sleep are important.


Think I sprained my eyes rolling them at that article. It seems like there’s another of those articles during November every year. I can’t decide if it’s sour grapes or jealousy.