Issue after reverting to backup

Two days ago, I inadvertently overwrote my working Scrivener project with an older version. (I use two different computers to write. One of them was set to open existing project when opened. When I discovered the old version was there, I closed it, which resulted in the old project files overwriting the current ones in Dropbox. I have since changed that setting.)

On computer #1:

I found backup projects and copied the most recent correct files over. That got my project back to a current state. I can open the project, write, edit, whatever I need to do. When I save and close the project, it copies to Dropbox as it should.

The problem is that since the date and time that I copied the backup project back into Scrivener, the Windows date and time stamp on the .scriv folder in my local Dropbox folder do not update. The project has been opened and closed several times since then. Yet, the date and time on the project folder in my local Dropbox folder still indicates the date and time when the backup files were copied back into Scrivener, not the last date and time the files were opened.

The files are updating in Dropbox. If I navigate directly to Dropbox online, I see the updated files immediately, complete with updated dates and times.

The scenario I described above applies only to the PC that I used to copy the backup project back into Scrivener.

On computer #2:

If I open that project in the second laptop, then close it, the date and time in the local Dropbox folder on that computer updates almost immediately.

That new date and time for the entire project folder do not carry over to the first computer, though. However, if I open that Scrivener project folder on computer #1 after it has been updated and closed on computer #2, I see that the “Files” folder and the “Settings” folder (within the project folder) have updated dates and times. The project folder and the project file itself, do not. It still shows the date and time it was retrieved from the backup, even though it has been edited a number of times.

FYI, the PC on which the backup was copied over is running Windows 7, SP1. The laptop that seems to be updating correctly is running Windows 8.1.

I hope I’ve not been too confusing.


Does anyone have an idea what is causing this issue?