Issue after upgrading to Windows 11

Recently I upgraded my PC to the new Windows 11. Today I started Scrivener and it showed random chances on UI. Uninstalled and installed again but it keeps the same. I can`t read anything or use it at all.

Is there something I can do?

The joys of installing Windows within the first 3 months of any major upgrade.

I do regularly, though only on a VM where I can quarantine everything.

Any screenshots? Actually, as you are new on forum, you probably can’t add attachments. I’d raise a support ticket on the L&L site with screenshots

MS on a nutshell haha. Scrivener isn’t the only app I got issues after updating. Tried uploading screenshots but I can’t yet. Just raised a support ticket. Thanks!

You can safely roll back to Windows 10 usually for at least a week after the update, you could always do that until it becomes more stable. I have avoided the update because I know MS always break things.