Issue downloading new version


I am having trouble installing the new version.

I am attaching the screenshot here. If anybody knows about it, please help as I really love this software.

Thanks in advance.

The auto-installer isn’t able to find the correct path to your current installation in the registry. This can happen if you’re trying to update from a different account than installed originally or if you have or had multiple installations or are running Scrivener from a different location than the installed copy.

In any case, the easy fix is just to download the full installer from the top post of the beta announcement thread and run that manually so you can select the location to install. Before launching the installer, you can clean up your existing installation(s) by running the uninstaller.exe inside the Scrivener folder. This won’t affect your projects, but if you want to save your program settings (the app-wide preferences set in File > Options), you can export those first via the Manage dropdown menu in Options with Save Options to File. After you’ve completed the installation for RC12, you can go back to Options and choose to Load Options from File.