Issue forwarding audio

Here is an extremely odd issue.

I have a document with a single audio file, and I’ve been working with it on an iMac and an iBook using Dropbox.

On my iMac, the audio file works fine. On my iBook, however, I can’t advance the audio. When I pull the slider over, it advance only one second and springs back like a rubber band. Although I can play the file, I can use fast forward to advance more than a few seconds at a time.

I would guess that the audio file became corrupted, yet it works fine on the iMac. I’ve gone back and forth, closing and saving the file, to check. I also tried emailing the document to myself. Again, the emailed copy has this strange glitch on the iBook but work perfectly on the iMac.

Any ideas?

The audio controls just call through to QuickTime commands, so I doubt this is down to Scrivener, to be honest. Try exporting the audio file from Scrivener and see if it works okay in QuickTime. If it does, try deleting it from Scrivener and re-importing it. Also, ensure that QuickTime is up-to-date on your iBook.

It is possible that it’s a PPC/G4 issue, but I doubt it.

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Ok, opened up the package and duplicated that audio file. Same issue on the MacBook using QuickTime.

Looks like it’s a QuickTime problem, although no idea how to fix it.

That’s at least good news for Scrivener. The first thing to try is re-downloading or updating QuickTime. Also check to see if any other files have the same problem, or if it’s just this one. If the latter, try finding the original file again to check it hasn’t become corrupted at some point (although I very much doubt this, as if it plays and rewinds it sounds more like a QT issue than anything wrong with the video itself).

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Must be a Quicktime or Flip to Mac issue (and a very strange one at that). I tried playing some wma files that were still on my Olympus recorder, and the same odd behavior occurred.

I did find an app to convert the file I needed into an mp3. The mp3 version worked like a charm.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.