issue in MLA paper template

Hi, I’m seeing weird text on the Endnotes page for the MLA Template in 024 beta.

{\Scrv_ps=Notes\end_Scrv_ps}{\Scrv_annot \color={\R=0.225954\G=0.098962\B=0.570136} \text= Any footnotes you created in your paper will get inserted here upon Compile (this purple bubble will be removed automatically). If you don’t have any footnotes, you can deselect “Include in Compile” for this document in the Inspector or Compile settings, or just delete it completely.\end_Scrv_annot}

Any foot notes i create in the document based on this template do not appear in that paragraph, and are in fact just tagged on the end of the document as normal.

I’m new to the beta program, so hopefully this issue hasn’t been mentioned already.

Hi, and welcome to the forums!

The issue here is that the template really needs to be fixed up for Windows, as I see just glancing over it that it refers to several other things (like the Preserve Formatting) that are Mac-only. The templates were all fairly straightly ported from the Mac version, so I’m afraid there are still a few quirks with that. We’ll go over them more thoroughly and get them cleaned up for Windows so they won’t be so confusing or just plain wrong. :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

So for now, you can just delete that document from the project (or deselect it so it’s not included in compile, but you don’t need it). Create your footnotes/endnotes as usual and then when you compile, check in the settings that they’re set to compile as endnotes–I assume this is already working for you, as you say they compile at the end of the document as usual.

What the page would give you is essentially a separate document for those notes, with the “Notes” title, but you should be able to format your manuscript fairly easily to that standard by compiling to .rtf and opening it in Word to do the final touches. As Scrivener’s compiler gets more powerful with coming improvements, it will be possible to do this straight from Scrivener, as the template example demonstrates, but it’s not in the program just yet.

Thanks Jennifer.
I suspect that may well answer my other question in the tech support part of the forum too.