Issue in Tutorial

I’m brand new and just trying to find my way around.

In the tutorial for step 4 (near the bottom), you tell us to go the Inspector text — which I did — and then you think you are telling us to get out of Composition mode by hitting ESC. Alas, that “hit ESC” instruction is buried under the inspector text, and the inspector text makes very little sense if you are still in Composition mode.

On Step 4, please swap those directives so us beginners bail from Composition mode before going the inspector text.

Thank you.

The point of having you switch to step 5 while in Composition Mode is to introduce the ability to even do that in the first place and how to do so. What could make more sense is moving the ESC mention to the top of step 5, I’ve added a note on that. As a general warning though, you may run across a few areas where you’re expected to read the instructions before taking an action that would hide the instructions. The transition to Part II as a text file rather than a corkboard is another that comes to mind.