Issue with Auto text while compiling in French

I am compiling a project in French so in the Compiling settings I chose “French” within Meta-data.
However when I compile my project, some Automatic texts remain in English : Contents, Chapters.
The automated texts are in English, am I missing something, how can I set this to be in French ?

Alternatively how can I remove the “Contents” auto title so I can write myself in French ?

Thanks for the help

The “Chapters” prefix is set in the Formatting tab of the compile options, so you can manually change it there by selecting the appropriate row in the table at the top, then clicking the “Modify” button followed by “Section Layout”. The “Contents” title unfortunately is automatically generated during the ebook creation and cannot be changed within Scrivener at the moment, but you can fix this easily by compiling to the .epub format and then opening the file in Sigil, a free epub editor. Once you’ve adjusted the text, just resave the file. If you need to convert to the .mobi format, you can do so simply by opening the revised .epub in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer; it will use kindlegen to create a .mobi copy of the file, just as happens when creating the .mobi file from Scrivener.