Issue with Character names in Scriptwriting

Hi, I’m currently testing the latest beta client and I’d like to point something out.(Also I performed a search in this forum for a similar post but didn’t find any.)

Every time I type a character name and hit enter, the name will be saved in this shortcut list even if the character line isn’t anywhere else in the project. Here’s an animated gif to illustrate:

Why I think it’s an issue?
I’ve had the situation of mistyping a character name and instead of having the correct type on the top, I had the “mistyped” one, which makes it a little annoying to chase all the time. :open_mouth:

When you type a character name, your options are to hit enter or tab; both will bring the list’s top character name to the text.

Taking aside the “chasing” the right character’s name in the list, which is to say: a thing everybody does when having names with the same initial letter; there’s still the not expected accumulation of mistypes in the shortcut list as shown in the gif.

Am I missing something? Does that constitutes an issue worth reporting?

(Ps. For now this doesn’t make the use of the application for scriptwriting unbearable. But I just thought it was worth pointing out.) :slight_smile:

This is how the screenwriting autocomplete system is set up. It adds as you type vs analyzing the document.
Go to the Project menu, Project Settings and remove the errors from your autocomplete list.

That brightens things a lot! :blush: Thanks!