Issue with going from Mac to PC

I’m having to send in my Mac for repair, this is causing me to have to start using my PC. I have tried multiple ways of trying to get my current Mac scrivener file on my PC but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried using dropbox (Everything is saves and synced correctly and both files are closed before opening them on the other system), I’ve tried using a flash drive to transfer the files, I’ve tried emailing.

Essentially the file and the filing structure comes over to PC but none of the text does. Nothing that is actually content. I really need to get this file off my Mac as I’m worried I won’t have this data from my Mac after repair.

Thank you.

What versions are you running on the two machines?

If you install dropbox on both machines and can save and open the file in the dropbox folder on the Mac, there is no reason why it wouldn’t be a valid file on the PC.

Set Scrivener to backup to an external drive for safety.

On the mac, I have Scrivener 3 Version 3.1.4 and I have scrivener 1 Version: the PC. Really not sure what im doing wrong.

That’s the issue. Win Scrivener 1.9 can’t read Scrivener 3’s project format.

You can Export as a Scrivener 2 project from Mac Scrivener 3, or you can install the Win Scrivener 3 beta on the PC.


This looks to me like you went to the website and only downloaded the .scrivx file. That file is just an index of all of your writing, which can be found in sub-folders of your .scriv project.

Install the dropbox software on both machines, and use the dropbox folder that it creates to interact with your projects. Each project looks like a folder (on Windows) with the extension “.scriv” that contains files and other folders, which in turn contain all of your actual writing.

That was exactly it! I downloaded the Scrivener 3 Beta and have transferred the file over successfully. Thank you so much!!!