Issue with markdown import

I use an app called MindNode to brainstorm ideas. I was trying to export a file in markdown to Scrivener for iOS now that I have it. Scrivener would would open and then freeze, then crash. This only seemed to be the case for lengthy word counts though, as anything with above 5-6 thousand words would crash during the import, but Scrivener would accept the import of MindNodes of less than 100 words. Is there an import limit for markdown files or it could be a bug?

Thanks, I was able to crash the software on a large Markdown format file. When I toggled MD conversion off the file imported successfully. So it looks like there is something wrong with the parser perhaps. We’ll look into it.

Okay it looks like the library that is used to convert Markdown has some issues with larger documents, probably related to memory management. We tried a basic fix since the library is open source, but that didn’t improve much. So I would say the best thing to do would be to get the Markdown data converted to rich text first somehow and then import that.