Issue with New Image Placeholder Tags Feature

I am having an issue with the new Image Placeholder Tags feature.

In addition to my Draft folder, I have a number of “Resource” Folders where I store reference information, including images.

Assume this is the structure, where Page is the page in which I’m referencing the image named cat.


This works and I see an image upon compile: <$img:cat>

This doesn’t work; I don’t see the image when I compile: <$img:Images/2012/cat>

I can’t figure out how to create a path that finds the image, and since many of my images have the same name, I need that path in order to locate the correct image.

Shouldn’t the fully qualified path work as well? Do I have the syntax wrong?

No, you shouldn’t use paths for internal images - Scrivener won’t find them. Scrivener just uses the first image with the given title. Paths should only be used for external images.

For the next update I have made it so that you can use Scrivener Links to determine the exact image, though.

All the best,

Thank you Keith.