Issue with numbering

Hi there, I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this won’t work so I figured a new pair of eyes might help. Here’s the scenario. I have the following structure in my Section Layouts with their respective Title Prefixes.

Part - Part <$R>
Chapter - ELEMENT <$n:chapter>
Section 1 - <$rst_section2>
Section 2 - <$n:section2>. <$rst_section3>
Section 3 - <$l:section3>.
Section 4 - This section is blank

Part & Chapter numbers work great and reset exactly the way they’re supposed to but for some reason Section2 numbers all show as 1. If I remove <$rst_section2> from the Section 1 Title Prefix then the numbers don’t reset at all and the numbers increase regardless of the section I’m in.

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

This was my tutorial for this so I’m not sure if I’m missing something: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=49979&p=255998&hilit=%3Crst#p255998

No one has any ideas? Is there anyone I can go to to help or is the community all I’ve got?

It’s a bit difficult to diagnose from the description — what you’ve typed looks OK, AFAICT, but there may be something in the rest of the settings.

Could you copy the project, then cut it down to the essentials (e.g. enough to show the problem once), anonymise it and post it here? (Make sure you include the compile format saved with the project). It will be easier for people to help then.

As brookter says, it’s impossible to diagnose without seeing how the section layouts are being used in practice. You have section 1 resetting the numbering for section 2, so you would expect section 2 to start at 1 any time it comes after section 1.

As far as the community being “all you’ve got”, no, although you took the best approach by trying here first - please see here:

The forums are very useful with lots of knowledgeable and helpful members, but you can always email us directly to get help from one of our support staff if you can’t find the answer here.

All the best,