Issue with opening a current project on new computer


I’ve been using scriv for awhile now. Both on a desktop and a laptop. Both laptop and desktop run windows 10. I use Microsoft’s One Cloud to sync the two computers and open my scriv projects. I recently purchased a new laptop that i have installed Scriv on which is also using Windows 10 OS.

My issue. I’ve been doing just fine with opening working and closing projects between my desktop and the old laptop. However with the new laptop i can’t open one of my projects. One i can open just fine, Project Eternity.scrv. The other (Destiny of Tao.scrv) when i try and open the project nothing happens. I get a working indicator at my mouse then nothing happens, just keeps the main window of starting a new project open on my screen. I can open the Eternity project, make a change, close it. Then open it on either the desktop or old laptop and the change has been updated. But with this one project i can’t open on the new laptop… I can still open/change Destiny of Tao on the desktop and old laptop but not the new one.

Any comments? Suggestions.


OneDrive is problematic. See the articles under “Cloud Syncing” on

Thank you for the response. Although the knowledge base didn’t help directly… It was instructions for using win8, apparently they “fixed” the issues with smart file for windows 10. If they say so… :smiley:. The fixes they offered were not available options ie… there was no share with offline files or going into scriv.exe and adjust the properties to be compatible with one cloud. Basically i saved a version of the project to my desktop outside of the one cloud. Deleted the other files from the cloud and then uploaded the saved file… I was then able to open the project.

Either way seems to be fixed. Thanks for pointing me in a good direction.