Issue with saving w/ special characters[NOTED]

ETA: I take it back - the later projects mentioned below did not save correctly: although the new project (entitled simply “Creating a CAS mesh from scratch”) did save, it is empty - the only element, a page called Concepts in the Draft folder, is blank. It is also now opening itself every time I start Scrivener from the Start menu - and the normal splash page (Create new project) then appears when I close the CAS project. I think this has probably now got weird enough that I can give my own advice - “update, you plank”. I will post back if the issue continues with 1.3.

I apologise if this has been reported before, my search-fu dies a little at this time of night, but I did check.

Earlier today I created a new project called “Making a CAS mesh from scratch: Understanding meshes and textures (for complete beginners and nincompoops!)”. In hindsight, this was stupid, since any fool knows that long filenames full of special characters… yeah. Well, although the project appeared to save successfully and without any errors several times, when I then quit Scrivener and tried to reopen the project later, I found that it hadn’t saved at all - no files were created when I saved, and the project didn’t show up in File -> Recent Projects. I’ve since saved two other projects, including one new one, successfully, so it’s evidently not a general problem with Scrivener. I am still using Beta 1.2 - since this hasn’t been reported before I’m assuming it’s not been fixed in 1.3, will check in the morrow.

I appreciate that there are excellent reasons for filenames containing special characters being avoided: would it be possible perhaps to have Scrivener throw an error message when such a filename is used, to avoid loss of data by the absent-minded?

I updated to 1.3 this morning, and the saving issue in the ETA above seems to be fixed - since I hadn’t had any other trouble saving under normal circumstances, I’ll assume it was a momentary bug.

I’ve also discovered that there is an invalid filename warning if you use the Save As dialogue. However, if you use the New Project splash screen there’s no invalid filename warning and the project appears to be created successfully, and subsequent use of Save (as opposed to Save As) also doesn’t throw an error. This time round, although I got an error using Save As, the same filename did create functioning project files when using New Project… but I assume that the error is there for a reason, and that I just got lucky this time round. So it seems to me that the only real problem is that that invalid filename error doesn’t function in the New Project dialogue.