Issue with titled snapshots

Do Window / Float Quick Reference Panels
Open a quick reference panel so that it covers the centre of the screen.
Select a group of items in the binder.
Do Documents / Snapshots / Take Snapshot with Title

  • and it appears that the program has frozen. What I guess happens is that the program pops up a dialogue box asking for the title of the snapshots, but it is covered up by the QR panel. And there is no way of moving the floating QR panel while this box is open.

I confirm.
But… just don’t do it :stuck_out_tongue:
Hit escape if you get stuck. :wink:

Or type in blind the desired name + Enter.
Or just Enter, which gives "Untitled Snapshot"s.

P.S. It only happens if you modify the binder selection after the Quick Reference panel is displayed. (With the focus on the quick reference panel, the popup appears on top, as it should.) Which makes it completely illogical, since you don’t have access to the editor to edit or read those newly selected documents, the QR blocking it. And, therefor, if all you want is to take a snapshot of those documents, why now? Why at this very moment and not before ? It kind of needs to be intentional for that bug to happen.
(But yes, I otherwise agree, logic would want it that the popup be frontmost, no matter what.)

But on the plus side, when the QR panels are floated, they remain on top even when you’re outside of Scrivener, and that serves as powerful inducement to return to Scrivener and get back to work. So that’s almost like a feature! :persevere:

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I don’t think there is much we can do about this, unfortunately. The same thing that makes this available across all software kind of overrules all layering save for other elements within that “super layer”. We can make the Style pane float over project windows but not other software, and you’ll note dialogues float over them as well, so that’s probably what QR panel floats would have to become—which for some purposes would defeat the purpose.

I think it has more to do with which window is the “parent” of the dialogue. If you run the command from the project window, the dialogue is not in the “super layer”, but from a QR panel it would be.

I’ll put a note in and see if there is anything that can be done, but in the meanwhile, we did put a keyboard shortcut on the QR panel float toggle for a reason.

Anyways, if ever one gets stuck because of this, hitting escape, as I said, gives you back control.