Issue with two screens and scaling

congrats on the Scrivener 3 release.
My issue: My laptop screen is 15" 4k and I use it at 200% scaling; my external screen is 32" 4k at 150% scaling. When I move Scrivener from my primary screen to the secondary screen, it doesn’t rescale the contents properly, only window size. This affects both ways, laptop screen primary or external screen primary. Depending on which way I move Scrivener, it either doesn’t stretch the content all the way (screenshot 1) or it simply cuts off parts of Scrivener (without scroll bars; screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:

Thanks for finally realeasing version 3 and hopefully providing a solution for this issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately, the multi-monitor resolution issue is a limitation of the Qt framework’s resolution and display scaling handling. This has much improved in recent major Qt updates, so we can hope it will extend in future to dealing more gracefully with a mixed resolution setup, and it is possible we’ll also find a way to further optimise the available tools, but at the moment I’m afraid Scrivener is only able to adjust to the settings of the monitor it is opened on.

I don’t know what your usual work flow is, of course, but you may find that if you’re able to set a specific screen to open on, the new Quick Reference windows will provide a helpful tool for spreading out onto the second monitor. You could also try creating and saving layouts for the main project window for each of your screens so that you can easily apply them after (or maybe before) moving the window, as a way of semi-automatically resizing them to the screen. Layouts are discussed in section 12.3 of the user manual, available from the Help menu.