Issues installing beta 19 update

Still having problems updating. Same issues as going to the beta 18 version.

  1. Went through the prompt window that comes up on Scrivener launch. Download bar filled, looked like it was doing its thing. Hit install. Nothing happened.
  2. Downloaded the install separately. Double-clicked. Nothing happened.
  3. Tried to run as admin. Nothing happened.

Ultimately, I had to run in compatibility mode with win 8 again in order to install it. I’m running a 64-bit Windows 10 machine.

Is someone else having these troubles too?

I didn’t have this exact problem, but I did encounter a fatal error while trying to install Beta 19 through the updater, which led to the program itself being unopenable. I assumed this was an error on my end – my computer fell asleep between download and installation – but since someone else has mentioned an installation error, I figured it couldn’t hurt to throw the experience out there. Update worked just fine when downloading and installing the new beta separately and independent of the in-program updater.

No issues at all, running Win 10 on BootCam and Parallels.

My issue is probably an oddball, but I’ll pitch in just in case it helps… I recently had people at work fiddling with my machine to fix an Outlook problem. They wiped my user profile, which may have impacted this issue: When I launched beta 18 and it then prompted me to update, it went through the download process, but it failed at the point where it tried to determine the old install location.

I don’t know if that’s down to that information from the previous install being gone, but it seems odd to me that the information couldn’t be passed from beta 18’s initiation of the update, maybe as an environment variable. But then, I have no idea how the updater works.

The installer stores in the registry the user selected install path. If deleted from the registry, the update installer cannot find the expected installation path. This is one of the reasons why, moving the Scrivener installation folder is best done via uninstall/install.

That makes sense. Thanks for the info!

They did all this stuff to my system, over 3 weeks of intermittent Outlook lockups, and all I had to do to solve it was detach my overly large Outlook archive file. Now I’m having to reconfigure all sorts of seemingly random settings that they wiped out for no reason. But I’m not bitter. :angry:

At some point it was recommended here or elsewhere that we were safer Not using the update procedure because it was unreliable. So, I’ve always Downloaded the new beta, then uninstalled the old one and installed the new one into a brand new folder (scrivener b19 this time). Never had any problems. I always save my options and reload them on the new one.

Only hassles with this approach are:

  1. I lose my recent files list forcing me to find the files again.
  2. I have to re-configure my toolbar (I add a couple of frequently used options)

But, there has never been a problem.

There had been at one time where the update feature was not working. I’ve been using it since 16 I believe. I’ve had no problems with it.

I likely recommended that. I was going to test this version to see if it would update correctly, but I was busy most of the 31st and overran the time limit.

Ah well. Next time.

The ten most recent files are saved in the registry.

On my system, it’s at “Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1668200932-2037119074-3442192743-1001\Software\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener,” in the key named “Recent.” That S-1- etc string will not be the same for you.

So go to Regedit, export that key before you reinstall, and when you’ve reinstalled Scrivener, reimport that key (not while Scrivener is running), and they should then all be listed.