Issues Related to Newlines

I’ve discovered that a pair of newlines in place of a new-paragraph (aka carriage return) can result in formatting problems that could find their way into a final, compiled document.

I’ve learned that I can use Project/Replace to replace “Shift-Enter, Shift-Enter” with “Ctrl-Enter.” However, I would like to monitor the changes made. That is, I would prefer to have this work in the standard Find/Replace dialog. I realize there might be a technical reason that’s not possible.

I have found that I can use Project/Search to find newlines, but only if I copy and paste a newline character into the Project Search edit box. That indeed finds newlines, but also tells me that some documents have newlines in them even though they don’t.

For example, Scrivener tells me that this document has at least one newline in it:

Is that a bug? In any case, I’d like a reliable way to find all of the newline characters and selectively replace them.