Issues related to the project search


I’m quite new in the world of scrivener and there are a few things I don’t fully understand when I use the project search feature:

1- Why am I unable to search in the whole set of PDF documents I have imported in my project ? It seems that unlike plain text documents, PDFs are not indexed and thus not searchable, is that correct ?

2- After having performed a project search I sometimes have results in large plain text documents. When I click on the name of the doc from the search result pane, I’m taken to the first hit inside the doc but I am then unable to navigate to the next hits found in that document (in order to get this functionality the only way I found was to open the regular document search, re-enter my search criteria and press F3 to navigate form hits to hits). Is there a way to solve this ?

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We’re not able to index the PDFs with the tools we have currently, so their text isn’t included in a project search. You can search within a given PDF by right-clicking on it in the editor and using the Find option from the context menu there. I like to use keywords, document notes, or the synopsis in the inspector to manually give imported PDFs some “hooks” for a project search–key terms in the document, or at least the key terms for why I imported it in the first place, so that when I’m searching for all my stuff on “TIE fighters” later, the PDF will come up in the list.

The project search just finds the documents, as a whole, although each instance of the search term will then be highlighted in the editor when you load the document from the search results collection. To jump to each instance directly, you do need to switch to the regular document find, which right now doses mean opening it (Ctrl+F) and adding the term there before you can use F3 to step through the document. We’re planning to simplify this in the future so that the project search term is automatically loaded into the document find, allowing you to just go straight to F3, without needing to open the dialog and re-enter the term yourself.

Meanwhile, I haven’t done this, but you could set up a macro with something like AutoHotKey to do this bit for you, copying the term from the search field, opening the Find dialog, pasting the term, going to results and closing the Find dialog. We’ve got some big AHK users on the forum; someone may have already written this and made it available for download. You could check in the Tips & Tricks forum if you’re interested.