Issues syncing between two computers and Jotterpad

tl;dr I have one computer with scrivener that syncs to external folder (jotterpad on android) properly, but the other computer’s version of scrivener sees the external folder as belonging to a different project and won’t sync with it (and therefore won’t sync to jotterpad).

My workflow is a bit messy, but I’ll try to explain it as clearly as I can. Thanks for reading.

I have two Windows machines with Scrivener (both are up to date), synced via OneDrive. All my projects are kept there under a folder “Scrivener,” as well as an additional folder, “Scrivener Sync,” which I use the Sync with External Folder function with. Files are stored here in .txt format so that I can use them with Jotterpad for Android, also connected to OneDrive (or any other device, like a borrowed one, that doesn’t have Scrivener but can open .txt. But mainly Jotterpad). This is so I can write when I’m out of the house or late at night.

I’ve largely kept to one Windows computer for writing (let’s call it Computer A). At the end of any writing session, I save the project, do a sync, and then wait for OneDrive to upload the changes. I’ve had no problems adding files via Jotterpad and syncing the changes back to Scrivener on Computer A.

The problem comes in when I add Computer B into the mix. The changes between Computer A and Computer B are synced properly through OneDrive, but Scrivener on Computer B does not allow me to sync to the external folder—and thus, I can’t access changes made via Jotterpad on Computer B. I’d have to open up Computer A, hit Sync, close it, wait for OneDrive to finish saving, and then open up Scrivener on Computer B, which isn’t always possible for me.

When I open up the Sync with External Folder menu on Computer B, the Shared Folder is correct—it’s the same one I use in Jotterpad, and it’s the same folder that appears when I open the menu on Computer A. But hitting sync gives me an error message:

Trying to choose the folder location to sync to gives me this message:

I’m not sure why I’m getting this message because the “another Scrivener project” it’s being used for IS this one, and I don’t use the external folder to sync Computer A with Computer B, as they’re already being synced directly via OneDrive.

No idea what to do, but I really need the flexibility to work where I need to, on the machine I need to. Thanks for reading again and please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

I think you have the answer in the last paragraph, within parentheses. It says explicitly that what you are trying to do is not allowed by the software. You set up the sync-with-external-folder from computer A and Scrivener on computer B has no way of knowing that this is in fact the same project, so it does not allow it to be done. As it says in the error message, when sync-with-external-folder is set up on one of your computer, it creates the necessary subfolders, so if it would allow you to do that, computer B would erase all the changes you made on the Android device and overwrite it with the project you have on computer B.

It says in the error message "Note that the folder sync feature cannot and should not be used to try to sync a project between two different machines " and that is actually what you are trying to do. From computer A to computer B via an Android device.

Until there is an Android version of Scrivener, the only way to do what you are trying to do is probably to get yourself an iPad or iPhone, because then you can have iOS Scrivener on it and all three machines can read and edit the same project.

I didn’t think about it this way, but unfortunately it makes sense. I’ll try to make the best of the situation - I’ve been thinking of getting an iPod touch for scriv mobile but it’s not possible at the moment… I still dream of a world with scrivener for android though. Thanks very much for the response.